Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thinking About Next Year

These past few weeks have been incredibly busy. Every weekend, I went to a new place. Being busy pushed all the activities I did for self improvement and reflection to the side. But, I'm back and ready to process. Recently, I have been thinking what I am going to do after this year. I'm excited and scared. Part of me wants to stay in Atlanta and find a job here, hopefully in the non-profit world. I enjoy the people here and love working in a job that means something to me. Like I said before, I'm a little bit scared. I lied. I'm terrified what's going to happen next. I keep thinking about what if I can't find a job here or somewhere else. Will I lose all of the progress in handling my social anxiety. Despite all these variables, I'm optimistic that next year will offer as many new things and opportunities as this year. I now know what I can do. As long as I am motivated new doors will open.

Friday day was field day at the Kindezi School. For the entire school,  kids played fun indoor and outdoor activities.

Post field day dance party!!!!

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  1. John--you're right! Anticipating changes and knowing that you'll be starting new things is scary (I myself am not a big fan of changes and discerning future steps). Good for you for challenging yourself and, like you said, now you know just how much you are capable of!